AP Test Prep

If you know the material, and just want to work on practice tests, I have all official released and practice tests. I have all the scoring guidelines for the Open Ended questions.

How It Works

Each test takes about 3 hours to complete. After each question I will explain any tips or tricks, as well as potential derivative questions.

AP Computer Science A

Each test contains 2 parts:

  1. Multiple Choice - 40 Multiple Choice Questions
  2. Open Ended - 4 questions
    1. Use documentation to complete the methods given
    2. Write a complete class based on given requirements
    3. Array/ArrayList - Use documentation to complete methods
    4. 2D Array Question

AP Computer Science Principles

  1. Multiple Choice -70 Questions
  2. Performance Task

I cannot help you with the performance task. I can go over the guidelines of the rubric, but I cannot grade or evaluate your performance task


AP tests are secure material monitored by the CollegeBoard. I can only show released tests to those with an AP account. I do have some released practice tests that can be shared.