AP CS Principles

AP Computer Science Principles is all about the Computer. It isn’t just how to program, but how it all goes together. There are many foundational topics that build up to the idea of computing and computer science. I can help you understand all of them. I’ve taught AP Computer Science Principles from the very beginning.

Self Study

AP Computer Science Principles can self studied. Contact me, and together we can create a schedule. I use Code.org in my classes, and it will be the one I recommend for you.

Performance Task

40% of the AP Exam is the performace task. It is a complete programming project with explanations and documenations. It incorporates all 5 Big Ideas presented in the course. I cannot grade your project, but I can go over the rubric with you.

Test Prep

I have all the released practice tests and problems. I can work out a schedule to take practice tests before the AP exam.