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TedxEastBrunswickHighSchool Talk

Recently, I was asked to speak at TedxEastBrunswickHighSchool. On one hand, someone thinks you are worthy enough to speak. On the other hand, I can hold TedxChaimtime, and only I can speak. Overall, I think it was a great honor that did challenge me. As I see it, I don’t know too many other people that have a Ted talk under their belt.

Doing a memorized speech in front of everyone is hard. Public speaking to me is not a big deal. The only time I really get nervous is speaking in front of my wife or my dad. Initially, I scoffed at it because I’m a teacher, I can speak extemporaneously all the time. This is different. You are being recorded, placed on the Ted site, and every ummm, like, ugh will be heard. You also don’t want to look like an idiot. Most speeches you have a backup of a podium, but here you are, exposed, with nothing. They say you need to practice your speech 1000 times before you get it right is true. I didn’t have it ready until two days before, and the organizers were getting nervous. Those last 48 hours were spent practicing every waking moment.

My speech was on privacy, and why you should have something to hide. My audience was high school students, so it focused on what they were doing, not the average person. For these students, most born right around the year 2000, have really never seen a time without social media, digital photos, or the ability to have everything digitized. Having to explain that it is acceptable to hide from the interent is challenging, especially when they share everything anyway.