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About Me

My name is Chaim Cohen [Pronunciation: Silent C, rhymes with Time], hence the name Chaimtime.

Chaim is a computer science high school teacher in New Jersey. In his free time, he hosts Security:inThirty, a security podcast, teaching people that salted hashes are not breakfast. At home he teaches his son emoji as a second language, and 11 comes after 10.

The Site

This is version 6 of Chaimtime. I started this site in 2002, to have a presence on the Internet. I thought I would blog; I still do.

Version 1: Hosted at Rutgers. Used Dreamweaver
Version 2: With the help of a friend, I created my own mySQL database for blogging. I really wanted to paginate
Version 3: Moved to Drupal
Version 4: Moved to Wordpress
Version 4.5: Moved hosts
Version 5: Significantly edited Wordpress themes

What really started this was the fact I couldn’t get a TLS certificate on my current hosting plan. If you believe the conspiracy theory, since they sold TLS certs, they wouldn’t integrate with Let’s Encrypt. I also was being charged way too much by my old host. I really just wanted a landing page, with the ability to blog every once in a while. Here were my requirements.

  • Speed - Being able to write and publish a post fast
  • Security - I’m tired of trying to secure wordpress
  • Load Times- Black text on a white background shouldn’t take that long to load
  • Learning - I want to learn how all of this works.

I don’t know why Jekyll jumped out at me. I was about to modify my old wordpress site, and call it a day. I guess I saw how fast it loaded, and figured I could do this as well.

I heavily edited Nice Blog theme. Jekyll does not have a ton of themes to choose from. They were either too plain, or too blog heavy.

I really like the idea of sharing individual pages. A lot of sites are moving away from having people click around. I want each post to be stand-alone. Yes, you can browse, but really the content is contained in one page, then that is all the user should see.


My requirement for hosting was that I needed to host multiple sites. I run other sites for family members, and they needed a place. Total, all of my websites maybe gets 20 hits a day. The problem is that hosting multiple websites puts you in the “expensive” tier of hosting plans. I really wished I could host the site on my home server. My friend Tom mentioned Digital Ocean. For $5 month, I got everything I needed, plus fantastic tutorials and learning experiences.


The favicon was created by a student of mine, Tracy Fong. Every day after AP testing, she would draw that picture and color in the shirt that I was wearing.


On the top right of each page, you can choose how to contact me. I am pretty good about responding.


Since I am interested in security and privacy, I take these things seriously. I was upset by how long Wordpress took to load. I took me forever to realize it was the sharing buttons. I didn’t realize that they loaded so many scripts. What would be a simple page took 15 seconds to load.

You should only see two scripts on each page. First, is my Google analytics code. Second, is Google Adsense. Yes, I’m putting one banner ad at the top. I’m using Google, which has a good reputation of not being obtrusive. I’m using Amazon Affiliate Links for banner ads until Google Adsense gets approved. All items listed, will be through Amazon Affiliate.

There should not be any cookies. There is no reason to have them.