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About Me

My name is Chaim Cohen [Pronunciation: Silent C, rhymes with Time], hence the name Chaimtime.

Chaim is a computer science high school teacher in New Jersey. In his free time, he hosts [Short Explanations], a security podcast, teaching people that salted hashes are not breakfast. At home he teaches his son emoji as a second language, and 11 comes after 10.

The Site

This is version 7 of Chaimtime. I started this site in 2002, to have a presence on the Internet. I thought I would blog; I still do.

Version 1: Hosted at Rutgers. Used Dreamweaver
Version 2: With the help of a friend, I created my own mySQL database for blogging. I really wanted to paginate
Version 3: Moved to Drupal
Version 4: Moved to Wordpress
Version 4.5: Moved hosts
Version 5: Significantly edited Wordpress themes
Version 6: Moved to Jekyll and Digital Ocean

Version 7 is a combination of a few things. First, it has been a few years, since anything was done. If you went to the site, you saw a copyright of 2020, if not earlier. I’m not blogging, so focus a theme on what I need it for.

Learning about Github Pages

Who knew that website technologies would change. I went to Jekyll for speed and simplicity. I got half of that equation. Simplicity was achieved after I learned to SSH into DigitalOcean and rsync for each update. I would update the site on Github, then connect to my server, then rsync. That didn’t even explain how to setup the whole thing.

Now, I can use Github pages. Literally github will give me some space to host a really small site, and host it for free. Yes please.

Figuring out what I need

I don’t blog. I admit it. However, I want a spot on the internet, for some stuff. Two things are really important to me right now. First is a new tutoring venture I’m trying out. Second is a spot for my resume. Both of those are again hosted with Github pages. There will hopefully be a blog post on how I got all of this working.


Github pages is free, and I can have multiple projects. I’m sold. Now I save a few dollars per month, I can use on something else. I still love DigitalOcean, and I’ll be hosting my podcast there, however, 20 hits a day on a personal blog is worth looking elsewhere.

~My requirement for hosting was that I needed to host multiple sites. I run other sites for family members, and they needed a place. Total, all of my websites maybe gets 20 hits a day. The problem is that hosting multiple websites puts you in the “expensive” tier of hosting plans. I really wished I could host the site on my home server. My friend Tom mentioned DigitalOcean. For $5 month, I got everything I needed, plus fantastic tutorials and learning experiences.~


The favicon was created by a student of mine, Tracy Fong. Every day after AP testing, she would draw that picture and color in the shirt that I was wearing.


On the top right of each page, you can choose how to contact me. I am pretty good about responding.


Since I am interested in security and privacy, I take these things seriously. I was upset by how long Wordpress took to load. I took me forever to realize it was the sharing buttons. I didn’t realize that they loaded so many scripts. What would be a simple page took 15 seconds to load.

There should not be any cookies. There is no reason to have them.