Learning Objects

For this week’s assignment we discussed the benefits of Learning Objects

Learning Object


American College of Education (2022) defines a learning object as a resource, digital or otherwise, with the goal to enhance learning. More than just a reading or video, but a simulation or other interactive resource that is primarily self-contained. My definition is a simulation or activity created by combining resources together to produce a step-by-step lesson.

First Example

The first learning object involves OSINT or open source intelligence. In computer security we try to gather information about people using free and open databases. Instead of having students do this on their parents or friend, a simulation with the information needed was already provided. The link is this: http://e-mate2.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/osint-pd/OSINT_PD_Challenge.htmlLinks to an external site. (OSINT Personal Data Challenge, n.d.).

Second Example

Continuing with the computer security theme, our classes participate in CTF or capture the flag challenges. These are self-contained puzzle challenges that are gamified to replicate skills needed in computer security. Unfortunately, the primary puzzle Cyberstart American, abruptly shut down. Another one we use is PicoCTF (PiCOCTF - CMU Cybersecurity Competition, n.d.). The site has the contest, an archive of past contests, and problems tagged by skill. There is even the virtual machine to use if needed. Find the link at: https://picoctf.comLinks to an external site.

My Example

I used this week’s discussion as my blog post. My example is how to create a VPN using TailScale. I use this lesson in class because it is a lesson that gets kids interested because we are skirting the school rules. At the end of the lesson they have a working product that they can show off to their friends. I posted the video above


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Haim Cohen

Haim Cohen

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