Should You Start a Podcast

For this week’s assignment we discussed the benefits of podcasts

What Are Podcasts

Really simply podcasts are audio recordings that are distributed through some other medium. Think of a recorded radio show that you can go and listen to whenever you want. Instead of a radio show, that show was started by two random guys sitting at a computer (American College of Education, 2022a).

Vodcasts are like podcasts, but with videos. Imagine two guys, with videos, talking about something (American College of Education, 2022b).

The idea is that anyone can talk about niche topics simply and with very little overhead cost (more on that later).

What We Do

Youtube Video

(You can click on the picture to take you to the video)

We started our podcast as audio only, but figured out that we would get more traction by adding video. Seeing each other also helped us remove awkward pauses. While the video is not that riviting, we provide it so those who want closed captioning or the accessbility features YouTube provides.

What’s Free

Podcasts are supposed to be easy to start. They are. You turn on your microphone and start talking. If you are doing a vodcast, open YouTube, and just start recording. With podcasts you can use Spotify to upload, and you may be able to just record directly from the app.

Great, you uploaded something. Is anyone watching? How do you feel that another platform is controlling when ads that you do not get money from get inserted? What happens if you want to move services.

That is the bigger issue. Those questions now have money associated with it. For Short Explanations, we had to set up a web hosting account that charges per download. This varies but 5-10 dollars a month (even for many downloads). You obviously want better equipment, so recording will have an outlay of money. To get reimbursed you need to advertise (more money)


You didn’t create a podcast just so you can say you did? Did you? No, you problably want viewers. Now you see the problem. Why should someone listen to you? Why should someone give you 15, 30, 60 minutes of their time with not great audio/video? If you want more viewers, you need a more compelling (read: better produced) product.

Final Thoughts

We do Short Explanations as a labor of love. Hanging out for thirty minutes with my friend is a hobby that is not so expensive. After years of podcasting, my recommendation is to come up with a topics, pick a recording period (weekly, monthly, 2x month), and be consistant. Audio is key for everything, so spend some money on a good microphone. Use social media to promote.


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Haim Cohen

Haim Cohen

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