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Photo Sharing, My Child, an It’s Privacy: Rambling On


Even before my son was born, I was stuck with the dilemma of how to show everyone who wanted to see photos, the photos I took. I’m a very security minded person, and the last thing I want to do is put my son in the public eye. It is fine if I do it, but my son, should have at least a choice. Children born in the Facebook era, are in the public spotlight from when they are born. By the age of thirteen, when they are finally able to use the internet, most of their milestones have been publicly documented (including the answers to their security questions).

I am really against all the moms and dads that lost their individuality because they want to everyone to see photos of their kids.  I’m friends with the adults, not the child(ren).  I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I when there are facebook extensions to remove baby pictures, I think it cross the line into a ‘thing.’

With security being the enemy of convenience, I have to manage both.  I need to make it easy for people to access and easy for me to post, but I make sure it is secure.  I don’t want the photos easily accessible by people I don’t want. Rolling my own photo service makes viewing photos a burden, but I control who sees it. Using an ubiquitous service makes it easily accessible to all, but not secure. With all the public services, I am aware that nothing will do everything what I want, nor will they not be stealing my (child’s) information.

The other issue that I have is I don’t want all my ‘friends’ seeing the photos.  I only want a certain subset of them (close friends and family) to see the photos.  On an aside, I find it strange by how many people want to see baby photos.  Maybe I’m weird.  I understand babies are cute, but I don’t need millions of photos.  I really want the control. Control is more important that simple.

I’ve decided to use Google+, not because I’m a fanboy. I decided because I think Google took the right approach in sharing. The circle concept has been very successful, and from privacy settings were apparent from the start. People who want photos can get it, and those who don’t won’t. The photo editing has only been getting better, and the album view has really improved. I can also share out of Google+ without a hassle. I can take an album and set permissions to only people with said link.

Not to mention that Google Glass integrates very well with Google+.  The photos get backed up, and easily allow sharing from all my devices.

Dropbox has also emerged as a competitor in a different way.  I give family a link to the shared folder.  In the meantime, any photo my wife and I upload we stick in dropbox.  My family can then see all the photos.  I can sort of do the same with others, but it gets to be cumbersome.

If you have spoken to me at all regarding my social networking habits you know that I am not a fan of Facebook. I’ve gotten to a point that I some photos, some public knowledge information, and almost no details about myself. I purely use it for Facebook Messenger, and to keep in touch with friends. I don’t have my favorite books, or movies. I don’t have more than a handful of photos. I reject most tags of myself, and refuse to allow anything other than some innocuous posts. I just don’t trust Facebook. There were always security and privacy concerns that have always rubbed me the wrong way. With that said, I don’t want pictures of my child on there.

Because I have to use Facebook if I want my friends and family to see my photos, I will link the G+ album to a Facebook post. It is the easiest way of posting on facebook, but leaving it without content. Facebook to my knowledge doesn’t scrape the photos of a link.

Twitter is just not an option. The feature set does not allow albums.

Instagram also has the same problem as twitter.

Flickr was an option, and a decent one at that. However, I was never a Flickr fan, nor are any of my friends. Plus the pro account, costs money. So while Flickr should be the obvious choice, nobody, not even me uses, Flickr. So many years of neglect, didn’t help either.

My personal site was an option, but there is too much overhead for me. There is too much work for me for a photo here or there.

After rambling, it is important to remember that I want to keep the photos and exposure of my child as controlled as possible.

WordPress Issues for a Clueless Programmer

Over the course of the last few days, I learned one major thing.  I am NOT a developer. Not even close.  What else I learned was that I do know what I’m doing, and can follow with the big boys, I just can’t do it.

I spent a lot of time at the google plus sessions.  My goal was to learn how to use the API.  Specifically my goal (I failed at it), was to be able to put a horizontal +1 button with all of those who like it:

I was amazed to learn what I can do with the new History API.  While understanding my limitation, I did just want to change the style of the +1 button.  I wanted it specifically to be inline (just like you see above).  I wanted to link to the page, be shareable, and be traceable (analytics already does this).

Checking out the developer site, they showed me what to do, and how to do it.  It said “place this [insert spot] here.  On the admin side to WordPress there are close to 50 different pages (5 or so more specific post related pages).  I had no idea where the post was actually rendering.

All the googlers were willing to help, but they were at a loss.  Their wordpress ninja eventually conceded that he rolled his own theme, as well as his own code for most of his site.  He did work with me for a while, but the mutual agreement was to find a plugin that will incorporate this.  Again, I’m not a developer, but I can read and understand code.  Adding pre written code should be easier.

The first thing I am asking for is the ability to paste common social codes directly into the themes.  How does someone paste adsense codes, google +1s, likes, shares, tweets, etc… without running through a widget or plugin.  I know wordpress is supposed to focus on the content, and not the back end, but this should be simple [enough].

The other cool thing that the history API will eventually do is to pull google+ comments. I want to be able to pull google+ comments from plus itself and post them to wordpress.  I haven’t thought about how exactly I want this to work, but I figure that if someone posts on plus, they are already authenticated, which means there doesn’t need to be a second wordpress authentication.

So feature request two is: Can we incorporate commenting from other networks without having to use disqus, or another third party?

I want harness google+.  Google showed over the last few days that google+ is here to stay, and I’m excited.  Read later on the features, but I want this to work, and I want to incorporate it into my blogging strategy.

I want to thank all the googlers who helped me over the last few days.  This post was recommended by them, so they can ask Matt Mullenweg on how to proceed next.

InThirty.net – The Mother of All Bloggers


The Mother of All Bloggers

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You think you know everything there is to know about Mommy Blogs? Think again.
The Mother of All Bloggers (a title proudly bestowed by the inThirty team) Elizabeth Norton joins us to discuss to how she uses technology to keep in touch with a close nit group of fellow mothers. Elizabeth, without a single pregnant pause, takes us through her method of keeping her offline and online worlds in balance and lets us in on the secret of the best way to get Play-Doh out of a USB port.

Thank you Elizabeth!

Show Notes

ElizabethNorton.com | Website

Elizabeth Norton | Google+

The Fight Between the Three Major Social Networks

Before I start, I think this graph is ultra biased.  1000+ days ago was 2008.  Facebook was released in parts first to college, then to high school, then to entities.  Twitter was created in 2006, to the still lingering question, “What do I do with this.” Google being the number 1 search engine by a huge margin, has been creating rumors about their social network. When it finally came out, of course EVERYONE wanted to try it.   Now the question is, “Which one of these services is going to suffer?”

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Google + May Finally Have the Buzz to Topple Facebook [UPDATED 1]

Thanks XKCD


UPDATE:  Just had a long talk with @justinfreid, about this.

I’m rushing this post out, but I’m really impressed by what I see.   What I’m talking about is google+.  Google’s answer to social networking, and I think that google not only hit it out of the park, but hit it out of the stratosphere.  Being so nascent, hidden features will come, but this is what I see:


First, how did I get an invite.  If google planned this, then it was genius.  They gave invites to the celebrities.  This is standard operating procedure.  Then they opened up the floodgates, but allowing invites.  Not just 10 invites, but an unlimited number (I must have invited 30+ people without it blinking).  This allowed the people who wanted in to be in, and invite those who they thought were useful to join.  Immediately after, Lifehacker.com posts invites, and everyone joined.  In 20 minutes, I had four friends, already posting, +1″ing,” adding photos, and commenting.  Within the hour, I was “hanging out.”

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