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How to Deal With the Listening to Music Problem (A Continuation)

This post is an update from this one:  http://chaimtime.com/2011/07/31/google-music-for-the-win-in-the-cloud-storage-war/

I’ve now dealt with all three services for an extensive amount of time, and I can comfortably  say that I still enjoy google music (or play music).  Since that post, I’ve changed how I deal with certain issues.

I’m still running a mac, hooked up to a windows home server, connected to my android phone, ipod nano (3rd gen) in my car, and my ipad2.  I still can’t find a winning system, but I think this is the best.  Obviously this works for today only, and tomorrow may change things.

My current setup is:

iTunes on my mac for music management.  I run a mac, and have iOS devices, and I see my future still having iOS devices.  I know that iTunes on Windows is painful to run, but I have a mac.  I know we can argue about doubletwist, but I’ve used it and don’t like it.  It takes forever to load.  On a mac you have to use iTunes.

Podcasts: I use Shifty Jelly – PocketCasts .  There is google listen, but it requires setting up RSS, and it isn’t that intuitive.  Pay the money to get a real solution.

Android management:  I use JRT Studio – iSyncr.  Support is great, and it works.  Again, pay the money, and you won’t regret it.

Cloud Solution:  Google Music – Free, and cross platform (I think the right way).

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