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Please Sell Me Something…Please

Sales people have one goal.  To sell you something.  In two separate instances today, the sales person have failed to convey a single morsel of knowledge.  In fact, I felt, that the salesperson has given more information by trying to look smart rather than taking a ‘mea culpa’ and say they don’t know.  I figure that sales people sell to the knowledgable consumer, that understands the basics, but needs that last 10% of explanation to sell them.

When I buy something, I know all the pertinent information.  I know all the features.  I know all the controversies.  When I ask a question, I’m not asking because I’m too lazy to look, but rather, I can’t find the answer.  I get that I’m not the normal consumer, but I should not be the only one who is asking this question.

Here are my two stories:

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The Bang Head Against Wall Attempt at Borrowing Ebooks










Ebooks have now surpassed Hardcovers in sales:  http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/20/technology/20kindle.html

Back in September I had to make a decision on whether I should buy a Kindle, Nook, or Sony.  There were the standard checkbox features, which were consistent across the board, but there were some stand out features.  Kindle had the document management and sending features, Nook had the lend and borrow features (and the nook color just came out), and sony was just expensive.

With all things being equal the lending features became the hot topic.  I wanted that feature, especially when publishers were being greedy and increasing the price of ebooks.

I obviously went for the kindle, mainly because I trusted Amazon more than Sony or Barnes and Nobel.  That isn’t the point, however the lend and borrow features have been gimped beyond its usefulness. Continue reading