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The Sad State of Passwords Part 1: Use a Password Manager!

Security is something no one wants to deal with.  They don’t want to think that they are they are impervious to being targeted.  Hacking someone previously was targeted.  Being a victim in the Internet age is beyond trivial.  It is a blanket attack instead of targeted. In an age where getting your Facebook account hacked is generally accepted, people haven’t found the need to step up their security.  Hacking someone’s Facebook isn’t that offensive (yet), but we haven’t really seen a massive ID theft problem.  Can we agree to stop the problem, and educate people about password security?

This series is not the end all be all of security advice.  This is general information that everyone should implement.  I understand that I’m omitting a lot of information, but the goal is getting more people to start thinking with security in mind.

The main issue is that there is no punishment for both the company that allows the database to get stolen, nor the individual that allows it to happen.  The closest we came to any sort of outrage was the PlayStation Network losing full account information including credit cards of most of their users.  Not even pension systems getting hacked, or government records being released has brought us to that level.  Does anyone still care about wikileaks?  Probably not because it doesn’t affect you directly.  Even getting your credit card stolen, may only cost you $50, if that.

This is part 1 of many.  If I had to come up with one thing that will make security better this is it.  Get some sort of secure password manager, and let it manage your passwords.

If you want to check to see if your LinkedIn password was compromised go here:  https://lastpass.com/linkedin/
eHarmony here: https://lastpass.com/eharmony/
LastFM here: https://lastpass.com/lastfm/ 

If your password was compromised, it just proves the point you need another way to secure yourself.  Sign up for LastPass with this code to get me a referral bonus:  https://lastpass.com/f?76016

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Are we in a Post PC Era?

I think it would be a good idea for me to elaborate on my take on the current inThirty.net podcast every week…

The question at large is “Are we in a Post PC Era?”  Are we over the personal computer as the de facto piece of technology that you must have at all times to be productive.  The podcast this week was a little too disorganized, but I will try to reign it in. [Edit:  I failed to focus on one topic]

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inThirty.net – 03 – Are we in the Post PC Era?

Ask yourself this question: how are you going to listen to this podcast?
It’ll of course be with deep interest and admiration for its hosts, but will you do it on a smartphone, a laptop, with your home theater in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound?
Chaim, Harry, and Justin discuss whether or not the PC has run its course as being the de facto digital communication device and what the new king of the 1s and 0s is.
And yes, this post was typed on a clamshell laptop.

inThirty.net is a new podcast hosted by @justinfreid , @harrycmarks , and @chaimtime.  Each week our goal is to bring you the news in under thirty minutes.

inThirty.net – Google Buys Motorola








inThirty is a new podcast hosted by @justinfreid , @harrycmarks , and @chaimtime.  Each week our goal is to bring you the news in under thirty minutes.   Our first topic is google buying motorola.

This is a first attempt at hosting a podcast.  Let’s see if it works

inThirty.net – 01 – Google buys Motorola

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