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Give Me a Way to Contact You: A Rant



The image says it all, albeit in the exact opposite context that I want.  There are eight ways I can contact you, but you choose to ignore all of them.

I’m upset that all these ways of contacting someone, leads to another full, or ignored inbox that still doesn’t get a response.

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Are Location Based Services Finished?

I am sitting at Costco for the third time this week, thinking to myself, “How come I am not mayor?”  Not only, why am I not mayor, but how come I’m not within ten check ins of becoming mayor.   How is that possible?  This exact scenario is happening to me at Planet Fitness, a place I visit 3 or 4 days a week.

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How I use Facebook

Facebook is a social NETWORK, emphasis on Network.  Social is what you define as it.  Some people decide that it is the closest x number of friends, and goes all the way to, I will friend everyone in an attempt to show that I have more friends than you.  Where is the middle?  What is the policy that makes Facebook the most useful?

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