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Your First Days of College

This should have been published a few weeks ago, but school starts for me next week, not this week. I realized after talking to incoming freshman, they were over whelmed. They felt that someone should have explained to them certain things they didn’t know that people thought they should. The key to success is to minimize the mistakes, and to take full advantage of YOUR college experience.

The ultimate goal of college (argue if you wish) is to land your first job. I want you to think about that. With that said, it is you, and you alone that are proving to others that they should offer you that first job by showing them that the last four years you worked on yourself.

Here are your goals for each year. Obviously, these are macro goals:

Freshman: Learn and play the game. The saying, “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game,” is 100% true. The quicker you learn it, the more successful it is. Find out where all the successful people are and stick with them.
Sophomore: Choose your major, and what you want to do in the future. Start looking for jobs and internships.
Junior: Get a summer internship, work on “special projects,” and build that resume.
Senior: Finish all requirements, and get the job.
Super Senior: Finish college by any means necessary.

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Please Sell Me Something…Please

Sales people have one goal.  To sell you something.  In two separate instances today, the sales person have failed to convey a single morsel of knowledge.  In fact, I felt, that the salesperson has given more information by trying to look smart rather than taking a ‘mea culpa’ and say they don’t know.  I figure that sales people sell to the knowledgable consumer, that understands the basics, but needs that last 10% of explanation to sell them.

When I buy something, I know all the pertinent information.  I know all the features.  I know all the controversies.  When I ask a question, I’m not asking because I’m too lazy to look, but rather, I can’t find the answer.  I get that I’m not the normal consumer, but I should not be the only one who is asking this question.

Here are my two stories:

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