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In Defense of the Personal Blog

Over the weekend,  a radio personality that I follow religitously, put a blog  post on how he trusted buzz (pops). Buzz then had some phenomenal error that didn’t allow his followers to see his content.  No one recognized this for 16 days, including himself.  Even JoyOfTech (pops) made a comic about what happened.  So what, who really cares about the plight of some famous internet celebrity.

I believe everything he says there is true, and want to start adopting it.  I am working on a way to not cross post to egregiously.  I am tired of having people find me on facebook or twitter.  I want to be found online, here, at this blog.

That means I have to blog more.  Throw out the ideas that all entries must be meaningful and well researched.  Look past the meaningful, and realize that meaningless is sometimes the best.  Rant on the stupid, just because it gives an outlet.  140 characters shouldn’t be enough.  I am not saying spew nonsense, and clog up the internet, but if there is something that needs to be said, spend time saying it.

Remember a blog is your page.  You own it, you can take the data away with you, somewhere else.  Look at your social media site, and see if the same things is true.  Can you take your content, and those who follow it.  The answer is no.  Having a blog is yours.  You control the content, the readership, and the all important “What happens next.”

My Insanity Review

Finally, after three weeks of finishing insanity, I’m ready to review the workout. For those who don’t know what insanity it, here is a direct link: Insanity.

It is the toughest workout, I have ever done. It is the toughest workout, you will ever do, sans the army bootcamp experience. So what is it all about?  NOTE:  ASK YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE STARTING.  (Warning: Article is long)

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Why A la Carte Cable Won’t Work

This issue is addressed at least once a month, when someone gets mad at their cable company.  While the arguments are presented other places, this is my opinion.  Chaimtime has argued this before (sorry no link), but here are the facts.

You can get cable service for $30/month.  I know after the first year…. ($40 after that).  So you need to cut that bill to something more managable.  So let’s say you want the big networks (CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC, WB11), and let’s choose 8 cable channels (ESPN, TBS, TNT, Food Network, Bravo, CNN, and 2 more).  How much should that cost?  Well let’s figure on $3 a channel.  Just on those 8, that is $24, then we have to add for the piping in of the networks.  There is your $30.  At that point you might as well just pay for all 700 channels.  How much extra will HD cost?

The wholesale deal that the cable companies get is because they can guarantee millions of subscribers.  Now they won’t be able to.  So the bad networks like mtv4 will fail, but the good ones will start costing more.  Remember HBO is self sufficient at $20 dollars a month.

All this is simple math and economies of scale.  (I’m good at the math but not the economics).  The best way is to pressure @johnament to explain how his HTPC and external antennae works for watching TV.  For someone who has no cable he will see who will win the oscars tonight where I won’t.

I Really Don’t Care Where You Are, Really!

Twitter has recently exploded with 3rd parties applications that post just about everything from where you are to how much you weight to, how popular you are in the virtual world.  Well I hate it, and if I hate it, then the world hates it. We all know that I know what the world wants.  Well I propose a solution, after the jump.

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