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An Ode To Chaim (Repost from InThirty.net)

Written by Michael “Just Another Tech Blog” DeGusta –


An Ode to Chaim

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Twas the middle of October, with a chill in the air,
When Google did say Nexus was nearly there.
And Chaim he did cheer & Chaim he did shout,
For he did truly believe his new phone would soon be about.

But the weeks they dragged on,
The rumors did ramble,
And Chaim he did fret.
To Costco he came,
And from Costco he went.

“No no” said the phone lady “it’s not here just yet”
Citing blogs & posts Chaim did protest,
But alas, there was no Nexus to get.

At last ’twas the day Verizon promised did arrive.
Chaim got out of work, and went for a drive.
To Costco he returned, eager and spry.
But alas he was told: “Sorry, you do not qualify.”

Twenty dollars he was told the additional cost,
And to a Verizon store he must travel
Without voice guidance he surely would have been lost!
But his wits did not unravel.

And so back in the warmth of his house
He did face unlock & he did Google hangout.
Then dear Chaim locked his Nexus away for the night,
Warm in his knowledge that it was the best,
At least until he’d had a good night’s rest.

–Michael Degusta | http://theunderstatement.com

Costco vs Sam’s Club From a Costco Snob

Thanks to graphjam.com

There was a grand opening of a Sam’s Club recently, and I thought I can venture out of my comfort zone and try it out.  The results are surprising, in a good way.  I decided to test out Sam’s club from an objective point of view (as much as I can) to see if I’m right or wrong.  I’m throwing the ideas that Walmart is an evil corporation, and treating Sam’s Club as a separate entity.

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