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I’m Happy That Your Password Got Hacked

from kittyhell.com

What happened to the Senior Editor from Wired was horrible.  I do not wish anyone that same fate, but deep down, I am happy that it got massive amounts of attention.   I keep saying that security breaches only hurts us at the worst time, but it also serves a valuable lesson.

I want you to read the story from Wired Magazine.  I’ll wait here, while you do.

In real life, you lock your house or car door.  You don’t park in nefarious areas, you avoid areas known for crime.  If you don’t lock said doors, the first time, someone in your life gets robbed (or worse you), you start implementing more security. I wrote about this in the password post, but unless something bad happens, you don’t change your life. When someone on the internet gets hacked, you make up an excuse.  When your friends Facebook gets hacked, you don’t blink an eye. You just quickly tell them to change their password.   You just are happy it wasn’t you.  Someone very famous just got hacked, wrote about it, in amazing detail, and people can associate themselves.  This whole saga lasted less than an hour.  One hour!  In one hour, someone lost EVERYTHING digitally important to them.

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What it Means to You: What is Going on in the World of Ebooks

Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of ebooks, and how critical I am when it gets locked down beyond belief.  The goal of a book is to read it.  There is not much more to a book than lots of words on a page, virtual or not.  I understand that people have to profit from it, and I’m not against making money, but what is profit and what is gouging?

In writing this piece, I came across an old article that I wrote explaining this issue more than a year ago.

Before I start, I think The Verge did a great job explaining the problem.(pops) and the NYTimes does a good job explaining the “Lending Problem.”(pops).  I explain my issues with the “Lending Problem” too (pops).

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How to Deal With the Listening to Music Problem (A Continuation)

This post is an update from this one:  http://chaimtime.com/2011/07/31/google-music-for-the-win-in-the-cloud-storage-war/

I’ve now dealt with all three services for an extensive amount of time, and I can comfortably  say that I still enjoy google music (or play music).  Since that post, I’ve changed how I deal with certain issues.

I’m still running a mac, hooked up to a windows home server, connected to my android phone, ipod nano (3rd gen) in my car, and my ipad2.  I still can’t find a winning system, but I think this is the best.  Obviously this works for today only, and tomorrow may change things.

My current setup is:

iTunes on my mac for music management.  I run a mac, and have iOS devices, and I see my future still having iOS devices.  I know that iTunes on Windows is painful to run, but I have a mac.  I know we can argue about doubletwist, but I’ve used it and don’t like it.  It takes forever to load.  On a mac you have to use iTunes.

Podcasts: I use Shifty Jelly – PocketCasts .  There is google listen, but it requires setting up RSS, and it isn’t that intuitive.  Pay the money to get a real solution.

Android management:  I use JRT Studio – iSyncr.  Support is great, and it works.  Again, pay the money, and you won’t regret it.

Cloud Solution:  Google Music – Free, and cross platform (I think the right way).

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Holiday Gift Wrap Up

 Holiday Gift Wrap Up

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 Holiday shopping is tough, and we’ve just made it tougher as we each suggest three gifts for your most beloved nerd.  Listen in to find out which inThirty host gives the most fun gifts and which might be a little too into Dexter.

All Chaim wants for Chanukah is a Galaxy Nexus, will it be under the menorah? Will he shoot his eye out with it?
This is no Black Friday Sale, folks, everything is marked up, as in HTML.

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inThirty – 06 – The New Kindles: Hot or Not?

Beating Apple to the punch with pre-holiday hardware announcements, Amazon revealed its new line of Kindles today. We discuss whether tablets need to have integrated digital content delivery for them to be valuable and close by asking which tablet is currently the best best considering price and features…all before sundown.

inThirty.net is a new podcast hosted by @justinfreid , @harrycmarks , and @chaimtime.  Each week our goal is to bring you the news in under thirty minutes.

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Kindle Site vs Kindle App (An HTML 5 Love Story)

I thought I was late to the party, but after checking all the usual blog sites, nobody did a good job of explaining why the Kindle web app will be more successful than the native app. I’m rushing to post this, so it is fresh, so obviously there will be more stream of conscious thought than polished copy.   Also, there was some explanation of motives, but I want to delve further…

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Updated: Google Music For The Win (In the Cloud Storage War)

Updated: I did a followup here:  http://chaimtime.com/2012/03/18/how-to-deal-with-the-listening-to-music-problem-a-continuation/


With all the new cloud players out there, which one will have the advantage.  I think I have a plus for google music.

Running a mac, with an android phone, and an ever growing music library, I have yet to find the perfect solution.  The iphone was the perfect solution except for the fact that Android does more of what I need, and music isn’t super high up there.  While play counts, and playlists are, other functionality won out.

Converting from PC to Mac to a Windows Home Server, my iTunes.itl file is the holy grail for me.  It is one of the few things that I have backed up just about everywhere.  When you have reconverted your audio in ever increasing (and now FLAC) quality, you lose space. Lots of space.  With an 8gig nano in your car, you have to choose your music wisely.

So what am I complaining about ?  Simply, how can you use a cloud service to store all your music and update your play count.  I think I found it.

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Economics of Ebook Prices

A Background story first:

Until July 2010, I never read books.  Something had to be so compelling that I had no choice but to read it.  That isn’t to say that I’m uninformed, but as the 1% goes, I didn’t want to waste my time.  I would read blog sites and news aggregators almost exclusively.  All of a sudden I went on a cruise, and was disconnected from everything except my mothers sony ereader.  I put things I knew I would like, such as Harry Potter books 6 & 7 and Malcolm Gladwell’s writings.  I came back and didn’t want to put the ereader down.  I put my smart phone down and was reading more and more.  I decided I should buy a kindle. Continue reading