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The Sad State of Passwords Part 2: oAuth is ohh-some!


Part 1 can be found here

This is not the end all be all of security advice.  This is general information that everyone should implement.  I understand that I’m omitting a lot of information, but the goal is getting more people to start thinking with security in mind.

Now that you have changed all your passwords, you have found yourself reliant to your password manager.  You also probably hate me because your password manager doesn’t integrate with your phone, or your non browser apps.  Logging into a site via your phone with the password E#7xYAzUh*^GvgVx is almost impossible.  Well, you are not the first person to complain about this.  Part two focuses on how to dramatically ease the burden of all these passwords.    Maybe I should have started with this, but what you will see is that oAuth is your gatekeeper.  If your gatekeeper is weak, then your failure is exponentiated.

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Squarespace or WordPress

Recently, I’ve been pretty annoyed with WordPress for getting my three sites that I run hacked. Then when I used my backup, it didn’t work as well as I wanted. WordPress runs slower than I want. Basically I have problems.

With all of this, I decided to look elsewhere, and squarespace was the obvious choice. The problem with squarespace is that I can’t run the other sites, and would need their own solutions. All three of these sites generate very little traffic, so to have 3 squarespace sites doesn’t make sense.

Then I thought about the problem. I think the underlying problem is the hosting (godaddy). When facebook, twitter, google+ being so dead simple to use, why would I use the site? But that goes against my beliefs that I need an online presence of my own.

My Insanity Review

Finally, after three weeks of finishing insanity, I’m ready to review the workout. For those who don’t know what insanity it, here is a direct link: Insanity.

It is the toughest workout, I have ever done. It is the toughest workout, you will ever do, sans the army bootcamp experience. So what is it all about?  NOTE:  ASK YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE STARTING.  (Warning: Article is long)

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How I use Facebook

Facebook is a social NETWORK, emphasis on Network.  Social is what you define as it.  Some people decide that it is the closest x number of friends, and goes all the way to, I will friend everyone in an attempt to show that I have more friends than you.  Where is the middle?  What is the policy that makes Facebook the most useful?

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Why A la Carte Cable Won’t Work

This issue is addressed at least once a month, when someone gets mad at their cable company.  While the arguments are presented other places, this is my opinion.  Chaimtime has argued this before (sorry no link), but here are the facts.

You can get cable service for $30/month.  I know after the first year…. ($40 after that).  So you need to cut that bill to something more managable.  So let’s say you want the big networks (CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC, WB11), and let’s choose 8 cable channels (ESPN, TBS, TNT, Food Network, Bravo, CNN, and 2 more).  How much should that cost?  Well let’s figure on $3 a channel.  Just on those 8, that is $24, then we have to add for the piping in of the networks.  There is your $30.  At that point you might as well just pay for all 700 channels.  How much extra will HD cost?

The wholesale deal that the cable companies get is because they can guarantee millions of subscribers.  Now they won’t be able to.  So the bad networks like mtv4 will fail, but the good ones will start costing more.  Remember HBO is self sufficient at $20 dollars a month.

All this is simple math and economies of scale.  (I’m good at the math but not the economics).  The best way is to pressure @johnament to explain how his HTPC and external antennae works for watching TV.  For someone who has no cable he will see who will win the oscars tonight where I won’t.