Squarespace or WordPress

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Recently, I’ve been pretty annoyed with WordPress for getting my three sites that I run hacked. Then when I used my backup, it didn’t work as well as I wanted. WordPress runs slower than I want. Basically I have problems.

With all of this, I decided to look elsewhere, and squarespace was the obvious choice. The problem with squarespace is that I can’t run the other sites, and would need their own solutions. All three of these sites generate very little traffic, so to have 3 squarespace sites doesn’t make sense.

Then I thought about the problem. I think the underlying problem is the hosting (godaddy). When facebook, twitter, google+ being so dead simple to use, why would I use the site? But that goes against my beliefs that I need an online presence of my own.

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  1. GoDaddy is notoriously bad for hosting. I use BlueHost. HostGator comes highly recommended.

    Have you been updating right away? Did your site get hacked because of a theme or a plugin? It usually has nothing to do with WordPress itself.

    My understanding is GoDaddy doesn’t have the latest MySQL or PHP, so everyone there is vulnerable.

  2. After everything, I think the culprit was the theme itself. I really am not in the mood to be updating every week. I don’t blog that much (as you can see). That is a huge pro for squarespace (not having to worry about updating).

    I do think I need to move hosting companies.

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