Are Location Based Services Finished?

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I am sitting at Costco for the third time this week, thinking to myself, “How come I am not mayor?”  Not only, why am I not mayor, but how come I’m not within ten check ins of becoming mayor.   How is that possible?  This exact scenario is happening to me at Planet Fitness, a place I visit 3 or 4 days a week.

I am almost at the point where I ask myself, why am I checking in?  I think to myself, well I want that next badge, or that next item.  I really do want the Playa Please badge.    Other than that, I have never used Location Based Services.  I thought of these grandiose ideas that I will be able to see my friends when I’m in NYC looking for something to do.  Turns out, nobody uses it like I want them to.  Even I cheat to keep my other costco active.

What I’m noticing is that there no point to it.  I will only check in if I can get a badge.  I just keep on doing it, on the off chance something happens.  I really was backing gowalla, until it was just too time consuming to find my location and check in.  There were too many clicks for something that should be one click.  I moved to foursquare, but still, the same problem is popping up.  It is also getting tiring.  What is my reason for checking in again?

Another observation is that Facebook is winning this location war, being 3 months into it.  My most interactive experience is using facebook.  I still can’t get foursquare integrated, nor do I want others and me to do so.  I’m sick of twitter check ins that will now migrate to facebook.

My utopia, for now, is to use foursquare for specials.  Remove the check in component, and have the gps to locate places with specials.  Vet the places and require some sort of location verification.  Have a check in here kiosk, or something of the sort.  With a check in, you can get something, even if it is points towards a future promotion.  Again, I am not an idea man.

I hope something changes, but for now, I’ll start not checking in as much.  Facebook will win, or force changes.

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  1. Paul attended a whole case study about this at TWTRCON SF 2010. You can download the recording for this module.

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